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We care for your privacy and we want to share with you everything we do with your personal data. Throughout Wellzap's Privacy Policy you will be able to check what rights you have at your disposal, what data we treat and with whom we share it, the period for which the personal data will be stored, and much more.

We made sure that this Policy is as transparent, clear and concise as possible. It is important that you read it carefully and calmly since the privacy we guarantee is only as complete as your knowledge of it.

We also recommend the full reading of the Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter GDPR), where you can learn more on privacy and protection of personal data.

Who are we?

Agmen IT Services Private Limited (hereinafter, “Wellzap”), dedicates itself to the development of software, namely in the health area, being, in particular, the company responsible for the creation and development of the Wellzap software, in its various aspects. Aimed at Wellness Centers and professionals , Wellzap enables the simplification of complex tasks such as planning, analysis and creation of workout plans, food plans, nutritional measurements and calculations, information management and analysis, and much more. Wellzap is, therefore, the entity that manages the processing of personal data collected through the Wellzap software, acting, mainly, as processor of the Professional, pursuant to the GDPR.

Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all users of the website and its subdomains, whether or not they register, to all users of the mobile application, from the moment they install it on their device mobile, to all users of the platform who register for the trial period as well as for all those who actually contract our services after the trial period ends.

The application of this Privacy Policy is irrelevant to the territorial scope, applying to all users from the moment they open our website or our mobile application, no matter where they are located.

The use of the services provided by Wellzap is conditioned by the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use and the reading of this Policy. In the event that you do not agree to these stipulations, please do not use our services.

What data do we collect?

The collection and processing of data is fundamental to the operation of Wellzap. It's based on that data that our project is built and it's that informational core that allows us to provide you with a service in the area of wellness and client management that is known for its excellence. We have reviewed and limited the data collection and the period of retention of the data to the minimum necessary.

There are various sets of information and data that we collect and process. To simplify, we’ll be dividing those sets of information in three large groups: Professionals, Clients and Secretaries.

Professionals’ data

Clients’ data

Clients’ data is directly collected, for the most part, by the Professional. He is the controller and the main responsible for the processing of the clients’ personal data. Having said that, besides a minimum set of legally required measures, Wellzap is not responsible for providing the information and guarantees imposed by the GDPR on the Professionals in regard to their relationship with the Client.

A series of personal data might be requested by the Professional to the Client, or recorded by observation, which may range from “simple” personal data categories (such as: billing data, user identification number, among others, such as name complete, address, cell phone, and many more) to data considered as “special” (examples of this type of data include race, personal and social history, clinical history, food history, body measurements, among other information).

Wellzap only treats Client data as it is entered by the Professional, or directly through the mobile application. The use of the mobile application is intended for use by clients and is, of course, optional and, in cases where it is used, we collect the following data:

Secretaries’ data

Like the Clients’ data, Secretaries’ data is also directly collected, for the most part, by the Professional. He is the controller and the main responsible for the processing of the Secretaries' personal data, and may lack consent in the context of their contractual relations to which Wellzap is unrelated.

However, when using the platform, and in addition to the treatment performed on the data entered directly by the Professional, Wellzap also collects some data which was already listed in relation to the Professional as "Automatically collected data", and so, we ask you to check this section.

Purposes of the processing

We use the data we collect for a series of purposes that we want to make known. Those purposes may be based on a legal obligation, the legitimate interests of Wellzap, the performance of the contract or consent, depending on the case.

Data retention period

Personal data may be retained for different periods of time depending on its legal relevance or the duration of the contractual relationship.


Some of your personal data may be processed by third parties who are not part of our services. We have limited these operations to the bare minimum we need to continue to operate efficiently. To know more about our subprocessors contact us to

Professionals’ rights

We want to ensure that your rights are fully respected. In those situations where the automatic mechanisms already implemented do not allow us to fully guarantee these rights you can contact us through


The security of your data and the services we provide are one of our highest priorities. As such, we regularly review our platforms and servers to ensure that all measures are being taken to mitigate security risks, using the most current encryption, surveillance and auditing techniques. These measures may only reflect on our servers or, otherwise, have immediate impact on our platforms, such as increased password complexity, new SSL certificates, two-step verification, and more.

Changes and amendments to this Privacy Policy

Wellzap’s Privacy Policy is subject to constant and periodic review. As a result of legal developments, recommendations issued by the control authorities, or changes to our business model, among others, we may have to amend this Policy. We recommend that you visit this page regularly and keep up with the latest updates. We will notify you whenever we make substantial changes to this Policy that might jeopardize your rights.


If at the end of this reading you still have doubts or to exercise your rights, please contact us to:

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Privacy Policy