Q) What is Wellzap? A. Wellzap is a software product for health coaches and other preventive healthcare professionals. It includes a web based software and a set of mobile apps that lets you run, manage and grow your business online. You can digitize and take control of your business with Wellzap and offer an improved experience + care to your clients.
Q) Can I get a trial before paying for it? A. We want you to be sure and know what exactly you are paying for before you consider trusting us with your business. For that we do offer a Free Trial, sign-up now.
Q) How does the 21-day free trial work? A. After signing up for your trial, you will be able to enjoy and experience all of the features within Wellzap for 21-days. No credit card is required to start your trial, it’s completely free of charge. At the end of your 21-days, your account will automatically be downgraded to the ‘Free’ plan. Of course, if you wish to upgrade your account, you can do so at any point either during, at the end or once your trial has expired.
I need more than 21 days to evaluate the product. A. Sure, the product has been designed in a way that if you make the most of these 21 days then it's very easy to understand. But if you need more time, just let any one of our friendly sales or support team members know and they'll get you an extension.
Q) Why should I use a software at all? A. Using a software will make you more efficient, will enable you to focus on what really matters, build better relationships with your clients and ofcourse make more money. It's 2022 and most (if not all) internet users want an experience aided by technology. You should keep us as well.
Q) How much do you charge? A. We believe in building a long term partnership which is reflected in our simple and transparent value based pricing. You effectively pay us between Rs. 60-100 per client per month which translates to anywhere between 2-4% of your total revenue. You can learn more about our pricing here (Enter URL).
Q) Do my Clients have to pay anything? A. No, absolutely not! Wellzap does not charge your clients anything to access the software or app.
Q) Is my data safe with Wellzap? A. Absolutely! Wellzap is committed to data safety and security. We are a B2B (Business-to-Business) company and would never trade your privacy for profit. All of our research and effort is focussed towards building better features for the professionals. .
Q) Can I do video calls from the software? A. Yep. You can use our in-built video calling feature or use 3rd party tools such as Zoom and Google Meet to host video calls.
Q) What if I want more features or customizations? A. We like to think that we have almost everything that a consultation would want from a software but it's our clients who force us to innovate. We are always happy to take suggestions and build something that would improve the product for everyone, free of cost. If you however want us to custom develop only for you, there would be an additional cost for that.
Q) This pricing doesn't suit my business. Can I get a custom quote? A. Our sales team gets requests from fun new businesses who have a unique model where they think the current pricing won't work for them. We are always happy to get on a call with you and understand your needs. If our current pricing doesn't work, we will give you a custom quote. You can get in touch with us, here (Enter Contact Us link on here)
Q) What is whitelabelling? A. We want to help you boost your personal brand. Whitelabelling is an optional service where we can change the branding of Wellzap App (client-facing app experience) with your own logo, colors and nomenclature. The whitelabelled app would still work seamlessly with Wellzap software and receive all the future updates.
Q) Once completed, who owns the whitelabeled app? A. You own both the apps. But it's worth noting that the apps ownership only corresponds to the front-end user interface and back-end is still tied with Wellzap that allows all the functionality to run on the app which is still owned by Wellzap. We do not allow any 3rd party to decode or reverse-engineer the apps due to intellectual property risks involved.
Q) What if I need changes or additional features to be built? A. We offer enough flexibility that allows you to configure the experience just how you need it and have enough features that it's unlikely you'd need anything that we don't already have. But if you do have a request, we'd certainly try our best to accommodate them. It could however be at an additional cost.
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